Immersing into The Other Art Fair, event review (London, 2017)

Fei AlexeiCécile van HanjaBenjamin Thomas TaylorHanna ten DoornkaatMatthieu Leger

This past weekend had all kinds of talented artists at The Other Art Fair showing photography, painting, fibre art, drawing, installation art, and even interactive sculpture. As soon as you walk into the space, you are met with welcoming artists who are ready to discuss their work. Unlike most other art fairs, the exhibiting artists are there for you to meet, providing a great opportunity to find out the story behind the artwork. Each booth created a unique experience for the visitor to become immersed in the artwork, as many of the artists creatively transformed their space into an installation in itself that reflected their work’s aesthetic. Our highlights run the gamut of abstract to architectural, collage to sculptural, and more.

Artist Fei Alexeli really made her mark on the fair with her striking collage work that radiated with the cool pinks of the American southwest, complete with scenes of palm trees and mountains. Her work often contrasts lush, picturesque landscapes with scenes of outer space and simple geometrics. Also working in illustration, she uses vibrant colours combined with bold imagery like palm leaves and red lips to create iconic compositions.

Artist Cécile van Hanja also gathers inspiration from the American southwest, but with a focus on mid-century architecture. Her paintings use sharp lines and neon hues to form poolside scenes by modern homes. The brilliant colour combinations present in her work makes her paintings hard to forget. Also painting in shades of neon is the work of Matthieu Leger. His often large-scale work brings together the world of forests mountains with blocks of unnatural colour, emulating digital pixels.

Although there were a plethora of amazing photographers present at the fair, the work of Carolina Mizrahi really stood out, as she transformed her booth into a full installation that mirrored each piece. The photos with an all pink composition were displayed on a pink wall with fluffy pink fur; the photos showcasing all deep reds were displayed among red curtains and matching crimson carpet. Her work has a unique style that lives somewhere between the world of high fashion and the not-so-distant future. Another noteworthy artist working in photography was Annique Delphine, who uses photography to document her feminist sculptures that beautifully capture female identity and sexuality.

When it comes to stunning artwork with an abstract style, the fair had no shortage. Marit Geraldine Bostad’s paintings were filled with delicate pastels in strokes of sea greens and magentas. Artist Hanna Ten Doorknaat was also a favourite, as her distinct style uses methods of drawing to create interesting compositions that weave together layers of mark making.

Last but not least, Composition X, the interactive sculpture of London based artist Aphra Shemza, was no doubt an unforgettable aspect of the fair, as the lights emitting from her work reacted to its surroundings, changing colour as the viewer moved around it.

With an interesting venue, dynamic and diverse artworks, and plenty of activities for visitors, The Other Art Fair provides a wonderful experience for viewers to not only see interesting art, but meet the artists behind the creation, making this fair a must see.

Review by Christina Nafziger for ArtMaze Mag.