The interplay of abstract and figurative elements by Fabian Treiber

Fabian Treiber is an artist living in Stuttgart, Germany. He finished his studies at the State Academy of Arts and Design in Stuttgart last year and graduated as a “Meisterschüler” (Masterstudent).

“My paintings are shifting between subject and material. Repainted memories are transferred directly onto the canvas. For this I am continuously questioning the materials I use and follow their traces. In the course of this I am seeking an autonomous representation of the subject on canvas. My aim is to reset my own pictorial vocabulary within the painting process and to reach the point where subject and material are oscillating between form and content.” – Fabian Treiber.

The interplay of abstract and figurative elements in the image increase the options to sharpen the gaze and to see more attentively. This is what characterizes the visual world of Fabian Treiber. Narrative fragments not only emerge in single paintings, but also a whole series bears relations, which are motivated by the artistic process.

His works are vibrating and pulsating. Something seems to be shining through underneath a light rose coloured carpet. Memories painted over, thoughts that have turned into an image perhaps, lurking under the surface they implie that this is not a carpet in its own right, but a painted one. The masterly use of the material is ever so important, paving the way for arising forms and finally a unique style.

Fabian Treiber explores the space in which we are staring and invites us to make new discoveries of our own, between abstraction and figuration, between unambiguousness and mysteriousness – or as he puts it: “There was always something disturbing.” (text by Marie Luise Namislow)


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