“Everyday” habits of people living in capitalistic and material western societies by Stella Kapezanou

I’m interested in images from everyday life. I’m curious about what we consider to be “everyday” habits of groups of people living in capitalistic and material western societies. I like to develop a critical approach to the beliefs of these societies.
I’m intrigued by subjects that are not considered “high art” but are common to the viewer’s eye and I strive to allow the viewer to observe more deeply what is happening right next to them.
I want to capture the emotional state of people who seem disconnected from their surroundings, who look to be defined by their personality and not their soul. I also wish to capture the temporariness, decay and mortality of humans.
My paintings seem somehow unreal because they are, they depict scenes that never quite occurred, the sky is the ideal sky, the green grass the perfect stand-in for all lawns. The color reproduction happens in accordance with my wish, not reality. The world gets captured not as it appears but as I want to perceive it.
Find out more about the artist: www.stellakapezanou.com

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