Small and several pieces made in one studio session to create a sense of energy and openness. By Brian Cheeswright

Brian Cheeswright (b. Harrow, UK, 1978) is an artist who divides his time between Edinburgh, Scotland where he currently lives and Eastbourne on the South coast of England where he maintains a studio at his parents home. He completed an undergraduate degree in Fine Art (Painting) back in 2004 at Brighton School of Art.

His paintings and drawings are on the whole small and several pieces can be made in one studio session. This speed is a method for avoiding getting bogged down in a particular image. Cheeswright aims to create a sense of energy and openess in this method. Although a figurative painter through his twenties and early thirties, the expressionist application of paint and ambivalence over subject matter has gradually but inevitably led to work that is fully abstract, while still retaining an interest in landscape, portraiture and still lives.

His enthusiasm for painters who’s work plays along the boundaries between abstraction and figuration: Prunella Clough, Roger Hilton, Picabia, Chaim Soutine- to pull a few names out of the hat- reflects his delight in constant change and surprise in the work he produces. This idea of painting as a game: generating problems in order to work at solutions and his scepticism over (and failure in) perfecting a manufactured, singular ‘style’ is central to understanding his practice.

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