ArtMaze Magazine is produced in the United Kingdom. We operate on a once-a-week dispatch system. Approximate time of our deliveries: within the UK: up to 5-7 business days; rest of the world: up to 10-30 business days.

PLEASE NOTE: As many more readers are opting for online subscription and online readership since the Covid-19 pandemic began, we have switched to working only via pre-ordering system for our print publications. This helps us have better estimates for each of our periodical’s print run and manage our resources effectively in the ever-unstable environment of print media and world-wide distribution. We appreciate your support and understanding as we try to navigate through this new phase of our work. Each of our print copies are printed to the highest standard in London, UK and have high demand – we hope this message would encourage you to place a pre-order rather than waiting until each issue becomes released. When pre-orders are closed and the issue gets released – there will be only limited print run of each issue available for purchase. We advise you to place a pre-order to secure your print copy.

We are unable to deliver our products to EU with Royal Mail at this time. We are also unable to give approximate time frames on when our delivery service to EU will be resumed – we very much hope that it will be soon. Please bear with us and use our online subscription plan instead to read editions or purchase individual online copies.

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