Ramón Bonilla

Ramón Bonilla’s painting, mural and installation work examines the concept of site through landscape and architecture. His art integrates a seminal approach to minimalism, geometry, brutalism and low-poly art. In Bonilla’s work there is an underlying concern with material resourcefulness and the environment.

On his paintings and murals he uses acrylics, ink, polymer, pigments and even rice paper tape to evoke a retro-futuristic architectural work.

Ramón Bonilla is a resident artist at RedLine Contemporary Art Center; represented by Michael Warren Contemporary and is part of the group direction/instruction. His work has been highlighted by saatchi.comartslant.com and included on art-net.com.

Ramon Irwin Bonilla’s recent artwork stands within the limits of spatial memory. These works delve into the dim borderlines where nature and its design as well as the guise of architecture come together.

A notion of space drawn from Ramón’s imaginary recalling of particular places provide the context and imagery for these pictures of the here, there and nowhere.

The influences of Ramón’s work range from topography to the architectonic artifice and from mapping to vector graphics. Furthermore, his artwork is influenced by the lay of the land of his Caribbean country of origin as well as by his ramblings with his wife through parts of the U.S. and Canada.

Rather than an attempt at representation Ramón’s simulated environments act as an after-image of our ever growing number of transient surroundings.

Find out more about the artist www.ramon-bonilla.com

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