Landscapes Reimagined: “Lipschutz or Lipschutz”

This intimate father and son collaboration of “Lipschutz or Lipschutz” derived from each of the artists’ last names entails a cross generational exploration of systems and ideas of land and societies we adhere to both mentally and physically in the United States. The show drifts between paintings and sculptures that all share the same earthly color palates. These earth tones are contrasted with bursts of sudden pigment to remind you of their original associations commerciality, that are harshly distinct to the landscapes that surround them.

The floor sculptures in the show give a nod to the history of assemblage while the repainted stacked sculptures show the dilapidation and excess of the everyday object being used and then discarded. The stacking mechanism used to compile the objects is read visually as a totem from top to bottom, telling us a story of urbanization and inevitable accumulations of waste.

Vulnerable landscapes are described in the paintings around the gallery, and we see the beautiful compositions of horrifying post-human settlements. Detailed paintings of abandoned places show the vulnerability of the earth and how we are pushing it to the brink. The father and son duo crosses generational divides to capture a rich mass of time of capitalism in America and all of the complexities that comes with it. Time, globalism, and meditations on deconstruction are all fondly considered and questioned in this multi-faceted show.

“Lipschutz or Lipschutz”


Lipschutz & Lipschutz is a father/son collaboration that formed in 2010. Their work has been featured in group exhibitions at L&M Arts, Los Angeles; So What Space, Brooklyn, NY; Untitled Art Projects, Los Angeles; The Getty Pacific Standard Time Performance and Public Art Festival; Marine Contemporary Salon, Los Angeles; Frank Cities, Los Angeles. Recent solo exhibitions include Henry Taylor’s (2016), Peninsula State College in Washington (2015), and The Concord Space (2014). 

Jeff Lipschutz (b. 1950 in Atlantic City) lives and works in Los Angeles. He grew up in Eagle Mountain, CA, which became a ghost town in 1982. He holds a BA in Philosophy from Pomona College and an MFA from San Francisco State University. He holds the position of Emeritus Distinguished Professor of Art at the University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh, where he taught painting for twenty-seven years. 

Mike Lipschutz (b. 1986 in San Francisco) lives and works in Los Angeles. He grew up in Oshkosh, WI and holds a BFA from SUNY Purchase Film Conservatory. Aside from making sculptures and paintings, he is a writer and web series creator.

May 13th-July 8th

Museum as Retail Space (MaRS)

649 S. Anderson Street
Los Angeles, CA 90023

Review by Megan St.Clair for ArtMaze Mag.

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