Contemplative spaces and small worlds by Kristina Corre

Kristina Corre is an analog collage artist based in Ottawa, Canada. Born in Manila and raised in Toronto, a lifetime of imagining new worlds led Kristina to study architecture at Carleton University’s Azrieli School of Architecture and Urbanism in Ottawa, where she graduated with her Master of Architecture degree in 2012. Beyond the history, theory, and practise of architecture, Kristina’s education instilled the importance of narrative in image making, of meticulousness in her craft, and of making as a means to discovery. These paramount lessons are currently driving her explorations into handcut, found-object collage.
For Kristina, collaging is a meditative process. This manifests in her work through quiet details and the use of negative space to give her found elements room to breathe. Rather than telling the whole story, Kristina wants her work to be catalysts for narratives and for the viewer’s imagination to wander freely in the contemplative spaces and small worlds that she creates.
Kristina is currently represented by Ottawa’s Studio Sixty-Six. You can find out more about her at, or follow her on instagram @kristinasees

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