‘How people interact with nature in a recreational way’ by Kirsten Beets

Kirsten Beets completed a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from Stellenbosch University in 2005 and subsequently went on to study 3D animation at The Animation School. She worked as a texture artist for a post-production company in Cape Town before pursuing further postgraduate education at Stellenbosch University. There she gained a BPhil in illustration. Kirsten has participated in several group and solo shows in South Africa.  She lives and works in Cape Town , South Africa.
Kirsten Beets works predominantly with oil paint on paper. Her main subjects and themes are how people interact with nature in a recreational way, usually observing things from a high vantage point and neatly rendering them in minute detail. Observations of people, places and objects (and sometimes the imaginative thoughts that were produced by them) thus recorded, transfer a fleeting moment into a physical object; elevating their significance and making them touchstones of memory.
Find out more about Kirsten’s work: www.kirstenbeets.com

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