Jane Hayes Greenwood: twisting the familiar into something more disturbing

Jane Hayes Greenwood entangles images of bodies and food and appropriates from a wide range of sources. From historic Ethiopian mural painting, Gothic carving, fifties confectionary and contemporary visual culture; different elements are juxtaposed and rub-up against each other to generate unlikely and often humorous associations.

Exploiting a seductive pop palette and slick graphic lines, Hayes Greenwood’s paintings feign clarity and calm whilst alluding to other worlds of greedy excess and anxious uncertainty. Pictorial absurdity is used as a device to disguise complex and multi-layered meanings and hint at narratives that twist the familiar into something more disturbing.

Comprising of paintings, works on paper and a major sculptural installation ‘Lead Me Not Into Temptation’ continues the artist’s exploration of desire, shame and the erotic body. In the exhibition the desired and the consumable are framed within an Eden-like landscape that references personal, art and apocryphal histories.

Alongside her practice, Jane Hayes Greenwood is the Director of Block 336, a UK registered charity, artist-run project space and studio provider in Brixton, London. Block 336 hosts one of the largest, non-institutional and architecturally unique spaces in London. The organisation aims to promote engagement and critical discussion of contemporary art, with an emphasis on collaboration and cross-practice dialogue.

Find out more about the artist: www.janehayesgreenwood.co.uk

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