Ivan Kashlakov: inspired by small, ordinary things in life

“One of the main things which every man searches in his life is his own identity. I don’t know if it’s accidental or fate, like some people say, but selfexpressing became my way of living. At the current moment I’m starting my Master’s program in the speciality Visual communication in the National Art Academy, Sofia, Bulgaria. For me there is no limit for the the way to express myself and that is why I travel all the time somewhere in the river of imagination… I search in the intimate and poetic corners of my mind. I get inspired from the small, ordinary things in life. Through my art I seal a moment in eternity. So my sour rests in the connection between nature and object. My way of showing things is with classical influence and a lot of expressive motion. The main goal is seeing the truth of life which we breed every day but forget from time to time…” – Ivan Kashlakov

Find out more about the artist: www.behance.net/kashlak

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