On the cover:

Alexandra Levasseur
Hommage à Odilon, 11 x 14 inches, oil and pencils on wood

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Below is the full list of finalists published in the Spring Edition, Issue 2 of ArtMaze Mag. Our list consists of two selections: curated and editorial. 


Curated selection by BEERS LONDON (by Kurt Beers)

Bazz, Paola
Bray, Kirkland
Evans, Katie
Franciose, Graham
Harris, Fukuko
Langton, Eleanor
Lisle, Rebecca
Mayo, Emily
O’Neill, Joseph
Rubins, Michelle


EDITORIAL SELECTION BY ARTMAZE (curated by the editorial team of ArtMaze):

Top pick from the blog:

Chen, Xuan
Landon, Adrian
Phobia, Peter

Selection of works:

Achour, Celine
Arao, Paolo
Armstrong, Erin
Austelle, Chambers
Bardeau, Blandine
Bryant, Jason
Castro, Andrea
Cheah, Yvonne
Climent, Tom
Crandall, Micah
Crawford, Denton
Derrick, Sophie
Di Mezza, Anna
Drigo, Eric
Edmiston, Charlie
Gomez, Lucia
Gu, Yikui
Hackenberg, Karen
Huber, Anthony
Jensen, Anna
Kaljurand, Riin
Kloosterman, Nicola
Latimer, Crystal
Moore, Emily
Press, Cindy
Rehnen, Antonia
Remsnyder, Seth
Savchits, Valerie
Strum, Rachel
Treadwell, Jaime Brett
Tucker, Mathew
Tucker, Rob
Vooijs, Dorris
Wasilewska, Laura
Willis, Ben

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