Moments of emotion by Holly Harper

Growing up on the northern beaches of Sydney, Australia, Holly Harper explored many creative avenues. It wasn’t until after high school when she discovered oil painting in a visual arts course.

Ever since then she’s been painting constantly, exploring her style and exactly what represents her as an artist. Harper doesn’t think that this process ever stops, however one thing that has stayed constant is her desire to create images that capture moments, whether positive or negative, agitated or at rest.

Harper’s subject matter is people, and sometimes flowers. The paintings can vary between large portraits, which convey these moments quite literally or they can be faceless figures, twisting, turning, showing how posture and the painted movement in clothing and hair can also show these moments of emotion. Almost like a photograph capturing a dance.

These moments, captured through posture, colour and light are intended to create a sense of connection with the figure, to lessen the feeling of it being a stranger’s portrait on a wall and to entice, with the familiarity of the emotion and feeling being represented.

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