Garrett Klein: rhythm and dialogue of objects, textures and colors

Garrett Klein was born on Long Island, NY. He graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. He has exhibited throughout the five boroughs and works as an art educator as well as a full time artist and creator.

I am interested in the interaction of materials, the putting together and assembling of items, images, textures, layers and forms.  I create a scenario where objects, textures and colors may converse and respond to one another creating rhythm and dialogue by strategic use of layers.

In the plexiglass painting series, I am using paper towel to make the marks on the panel and plexiglass. I am able to paint on both side of the glass and configure different assemblies until I find the right fit. These works are largely about layer and texture but specifically about the archeology of painting. The process of utilizing layers as well as the viewers experience of seeing those layers.
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