Elin Brissman: pay attention to what’s taken for granted

I work with photorealistic oil paintings in a formalistic style, depicting plain, everyday buildings from the time between the second world war and the oil crisis. I wish to show their quiet and often overlooked beauty, give them a bit of the status I think they deserve. By spending time and good materials, I seek to enhance their status, get people to look at their own everyday life a little bit differently, pay attention to what’s taken for granted, and show my respect for modernist architecture. I believe that we fail in taking care of what we have, and that these buildings are a cultural heritage, threatened simply because we do not yet see the value in them.

Postwar architecture also uses materials in a way that makes them great motifs, providing endless painterly challenges. I always strive to become a better painter, to challenge myself, and the simplest façade contains endless challenges, from a lace curtain behind a half-reflective window glass, to the repetition of a brick façade or the stripes of corrugated iron cladding.

Find out more about the artist: www.elinbrissman.com