Edition 32 will be released together with Edition 33 as one Double Volume Edition.

On the cover: Monika Marchewka, ‘Dream’, oil on canvas, 70x70cm

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IMPORTANT: when you pre-order copies before the release date*, your order will be posted to you on the release date* of the magazine, not earlier.
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PLEASE NOTE: As many more readers are opting for online subscription and online readership since the Covid-19 pandemic began, we have switched to working only via pre-ordering system for our print publications. This helps us have better estimates for each of our periodical’s print run and manage our resources effectively in the ever-unstable environment of print media and world-wide distribution. We appreciate your support and understanding as we try to navigate through this new phase of our work. Each of our print copies are printed to the highest standard in London, UK and have high demand – we hope this message would encourage you to place a pre-order rather than waiting until each issue becomes released. When pre-orders are closed and the issue gets released – there will be only limited print run of each issue available for purchase. We advise you to place a pre-order to secure your print copy.

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Below is the list of finalists for publication in Double Volume Edition 32-33 of ArtMaze Mag.

CURATED SELECTION BY ART MAZE MAG Editorial team (32nd open call):

Abigail Robinson
Agata Treccani
Amorelle Jacox
Ana Vostruchovaite
Anna Sjöström
Charity Baker
Connie Hurley and Danny Leyland
Daniel Fleur
Daniela Ramirez
Danielle Winger
Diego Lozano
Efrat Merin
Emese Kádár
Emily Stroud
Eozeen Lee
Eryn Lougheed
Heidi Yip
Holden Willard
Hyeseung Lee
Igor Przybylski
Jamie L. Luoto
Jialin Ren
Keerim Kim
Kiwha Lee
Lucy Bell
Margaret Marchant
Massiel Mafes
Mattia Sinigaglia
Mia Risberg
Monika Marchewka
Na Kim
Napoleón Aguilera
Nina Silverberg
Robert van de Graaf
Sebastian Mittl
Sedona Cohen
Shuyi Cao
Soru Lee
Sujin Lee
Tereza Nesnidalova
William Matheson
Xiaoyi Gao
Yuqiao Guo

CURATED SELECTION BY ART MAZE MAG Editorial team (33rd open call):

Carla Weeks
Crystal Lupa
Doris Kolpa
Enea Toldo
Fiza Ghauri
Gianluca Crudele
Grace Bromley
Grace Kennison
Johanna Seidel
Luke Francis Austin
Oleg Tsyba
Sarah Hardy
Yewon Lee
Zhenlin Zhang

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