On the cover:

Fiona Finnegan, Moonblight, oil on linen on wood, 50 x 38 cm

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ArtMaze Mag double volume Issue 30-31 is currently available for PRE-ORDERS. The demand is high. We advise everyone to pre-order copies to avoid dissapointment. The release date of the issue will be announced in February 2023.

When you pre-order copies before the known release date, your order will be posted to you on the release date of the issue, not earlier. Release date is the date when the print issue is officially produced and ready for distribution. Please note that we cannot distribute pre-orders before the announced release date because the physical magazine needs to be produced first.

Below is the list of finalists for publication in Double Volume Edition 30-31 of ArtMaze Mag.

CURATED SELECTION BY ART MAZE MAG Editorial team (30th open call):

Alex Puz
Allan Villavicencio
Anne Griffiths
Benjamin Andersson
Chiara Baima Poma
Elisa Filomena
Emily Faith Holtzman
Emily Rose Wright
Falon Stutzman
Fiona Finnegan
Hidetaka Suzuki
Ian Caleb Molina Zoller
Iwo Zaniewski
Jane McKenzie
Jennifer Laflamme
Katalin Kortmann-Járay and Karina Mendreczky
Leonie Plattner
Mengmeng Zhang
Nika Rubinshtein
Paige Perkins
Sasha Deyash
Sebastian Supanz
Tuan Vu

CURATED SELECTION BY ART MAZE MAG Editorial team (31st open call):

Anna Ortiz
Brad Stumpf
Chen Peng
Eirini Apsychou
Emma Steinkraus
Heather Drayzen
Helia Chitsazan
Jeffly Gabriela Molina
Julia Norton
Marcos N. Sayas
Nicole Mazza
Patricia Paludanus
Paweł Olszewski
Shoshana Walfish
Stanzie Tooth
Tadeáš Kotrba
Tal Regev
Vanessa McKernan
William Schaeuble
Zora Gamberg

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