Diana Manole: “not so much she or he, but Adam and Eve”

“Even from childhood my passion in art revolved around the figurative representation of the human body. I felt attracted not only by the carnal, with the greens and pinks of the flesh, but as well with the psychological background of it all.  For me, it’s not so much she or he, but Adam and Eve, which globalize the whole concept of male and female. And from this I like to portray the figurative image of my works in a possible Eden garden. The seed of life lies in nature, thus the connection. I like to discover the sensuality and soft erotic, as well the stillness of meditation, the thought that transpires from the body. Having always in mind the aesthetics of the image, for me it’s more important the connection between the viewer and the characters of my work. ” – Diana Manole

Diana was born 1988 Bacău, Romania, she currently  lives and works in Bucharest.


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