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Charlie Roberts, ‘Athina Evenings’

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Charlie Roberts
Olivia Bax
Scott Anderson
Lindsey Mendick
Kim Savage (FOLD Gallery)

Below is the full list of finalists published in the Autumn Edition, Issue 9 of ArtMaze Mag. Our list consists of two selections: curated and editorial. 

CURATED SELECTION by Kim Savage, Founder and Director of FOLD Gallery, London

Alejandro Urrutia
Andrea Taylor
Bianca Barandun
Cian Duggan
Emma Childs
Eric Butcher
Gelah Penn
Gray Wielebinski
Graziela Guardino
Holly Trout
Howard Schwartzberg
Irina Razumovskaya
James Tailor
Jonathan Michael Ray
Kazuki Nishinaga
Kelly Fung
Lia Rothstein
Mark Kremer
Michael Villarreal
Michaela Zimmer
Neil Carroll
Nick Primo
Rhiannon Salisbury
Robert Costello
Shinuk Suh
Sophia Latysheva
Stefan Reiterer
Stephen Jaques
Tom Butler
Will Sears
Xiaolin Cheng

EDITORIAL SELECTION BY ARTMAZE* (curated by the editorial team of ArtMaze Mag)
*Please note, Editorial and Curated selections are judged separately. 

Alvin Ong
Amber Boardman
Danielle Orchard
Ellie Walker
Em Kettner
Emilia Olsen
Felix Treadwell
Georgia Elrod
Josh Jefferson
Kate Klingbeil
Keenan Derby
Leah Guadagnoli
Sara Anstis
Sophie Lourdes Knight

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