On the cover:

Jonathan Lux, ‘Girl, Garden & Apple’, ink on paper, 40 x 30 cm

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Ann Cathrin November Høibo
Ryan Nord Kitchen
Matt Kleberg
Emily Ferretti
Ben Jamie

Below is the list of finalists for publication in the Autumn Edition, Issue 14 of ArtMaze Mag.

CURATED SELECTION by Charlie Roberts, artist and co-founder of 0-0 LA gallery and traveling show Got It For Cheap (GIFC)

Alessandro Fogo
Alice Brasser
Alyss Estay
Claudia Keep
Dan Brenton
Freddie Greis
Jackson Casady
James Owens
Joel Brown
Johnny Izatt-Lowry
Julia Gil
Julie Severino
Justin Samson
Larysa Myers
Loren Erdrich
Marisa Adesman
Matthew Bainbridge
Miko Veldkamp
Miles Hendricks
Minyoung Choi
Nicasio Fernandez
Oda Iselin Sønderland
Robert Zehnder
Scott Laufer
Sebastian Burger
Soyeon Shin

EDITORIAL SELECTION BY ARTMAZE* (curated by the editorial team of ArtMaze Mag)
*Please note, Editorial and Curated selections are judged separately.

Anthony Padilla
Aparna Sarkar
Brian Scott Campbell
Christopher Davison
Jonathan Lux
Mary Laube
Nettle Grellier
Nicholas William Johnson
Tom Prinsell

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