Utterly unique, eye catching and mesmerising landscapes by Ashleigh Trim

Curating the world in her own form that pushes reality into another world of vibrant dreamscapes. Ashleigh is currently studying fine art at Falmouth university.

I like the idea of Placelessness…

Removing the sense of place from a landscape, dissociating it from its details and themes and creating a surreal, dreamlike vision. This is what I aim for with my landscape paintings, I paint places which I am personally connected to emotionally and try to convey those emotions to the viewer using this surreal form. The idea that any one of my paintings could depict anywhere, at any point in time, and relate to anyone, is a driving force behind their creation.

I like to find many different ways to develop my imagery, most come from film photographs that I take. I experiment hugely with film, having used out of date film to give a grainy/ discoloured affect, it is interesting to see what unexpected results I can get before I can touch or edit the image. I then take these images and taking influence from the digital, using Photoshop to over saturate my photographs, adding gradients and colour mixers to completely alter the colour-scape. I am a big fan of colour, wanting my paintings to almost be too bright, loud, or just looking wrong and unexpected. I play with lighting, giving elements a glowing quality all of which playing towards the development of the surreal.

The final compositions either come from collages, which I make with the photographs combining a jumble of places and elements, or from sketches I make from life and the photographs. I add to this by playing with perspective and adding or taking away certain physical elements, with a lack of detail, or by placing things into the painting without grounding them, leaving them floating in place.

I paint with mostly oil on canvas but experimenting with mixed media using spray paint for the most vibrant neon colours, or spattered textures and using sewn on canvas to add to that feel of the jumbled. I enjoy experimenting with a multitude of techniques and continue to develop my style and further delve into the effective portrayal of my landscapes. Bringing my work back to the physical enables me to take the work full circle back to the unexpected. I can use the paint to manipulate my ideas adding or changing as the painting unfolds.

Find out more about the artist: www.ashleightrim.co.uk