On the cover:

Sarah Bechter, ‘Untitled (festive blush)’, oil on canvas, 70 x 55 cm


ArtMaze Mag Anniversary Issue 20 is currently available for PRE-ORDERS. The demand is high. We advise everyone to pre-order copies to avoid disappointment. The release date* of this issue is to be announced soon via newsletter, website and social media.

IMPORTANT: when you pre-order copies before the release date*, your order will be posted to you on the release date* of the magazine, not earlier.

*Release date is the date when the physical magazine is officially out for distribution and when it is available for sale in stores. Please note that we cannot distribute (post pre-orders) before the release date because the physical magazine needs to be produced first.

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PLEASE NOTE: List of interviewed artists for this issue is to be announced later.


Below is the list of finalists for publication in the Anniversary Edition, Issue 20 of ArtMaze Mag.

CURATED SELECTION by Zoe Fisher, founder and curator at @zoefisherprojects and co-owner and director of Fisher Parrish Gallery, NYC

Aaron Jupin
Adam Easton
Adam Linn
Alejandro Jiménez-Flores (florencio)
Alexandra Smith
Alyssa McClenaghan
Amira Brown
An Yan
Astrid Terrazas
Austin Harris
Bony Ramirez
Caetlynn Booth
Caroline Zurmely
Claudio Coltorti
Eliot Greenwald
Ellen Pong
Francesca Capone
Gustav Hamilton
Hasani Sahlehe
Jane Margarette
John Denny
Judd Schiffman
Judy Koo
Justin Cloud
Krzysztof Strzelecki
Lachlan Hinwood
Leigh Barbier
Lian Zhang
Mahsa Merci
Marc Librizzi
Matt Kleberg
Max McInnis
Patrick McAlindon
Ranee Henderson
Riley Strom
Romain Sarrot
Ryan Wilde
Sebastian Supanz
Shawn Powell
Soren Ferguson

EDITORIAL SELECTION BY ARTMAZE* (curated by the editorial team of ArtMaze Mag)

*Please note, Editorial and Curated selections are judged separately.

Aimée Parrott
Allan Gandhi
Amber Larks
Amy Kim Keeler
Blake O’Brien
Carmen Chaparro
Cassie Pena
Claire Whitehurst
Devra Fox
Heather Merckle
Jean-Philippe Dordolo
Jenny Hata Blumenfield
Joani Tremblay
Julia Maiuri
Kristina Lewis
Marisha Lozada
Maud Madsen
Melissa Joseph
Nazım Ünal Yilmaz
Paige Perkins
Ray Hwang
Sally Scopa
Sebastian Mittl
Sung Hwa Kim
Xu Darocha

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