On the cover:

Sarah Thibault, ‘Ways to Kill the Night’ (detail)


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Brigitte Mulholland
Emily Ludwig Shaffer
Sarah Thibault
Igor Hosnedl
Kattherina Olshbaur

Below is the list of finalists for publication in the Anniversary Edition, Issue 15 of ArtMaze Mag.

CURATED SELECTION by Brigitte Mulholland, curator, director of Anton Kern Gallery, NYC

Akram Esmailli
Angela Heisch
Arthur Peña
Aya Ogasawara
Becky Bailey
Brendan John Carroll
Bridget Mullen
Christian Ruiz Berman
Courtney Tramposh
Daniel Ten Brook
Eun-Ha Paek
Francisco Sierra
Jen Pak
Jerry Blackman
Jesse Matthew Petersen
Kimo Nelson
Liying Zhang
Matt Blackwell
Michael Handley
Osamu Kobayashi
Sam Buchanan
Jonathan Peck
Roxanne Jackson

EDITORIAL SELECTION BY ARTMAZE* (curated by the editorial team of ArtMaze Mag)
*Please note, Editorial and Curated selections are judged separately.

Amadeo Morelos
Amy Nathan
Ana Benaroya
Cody Tumblin
Ida Sønder Thorhauge
Jennifer Sullivan
Jin Han Lee
Lindsay Burke
Maja Ruznic
Michael Stillion
Molly Greene
Pia Krajewski
Rema Ghuloum
Stephanie McMahon