synthetic ‘deliciousness’ by Anna Kolosova

I am an artist living and working in London, UK. I consider myself a painter, as everything I make remains somewhat painterly. However, I see my paintings as self-contained objects.

I am evolving from the concept of the Combine once introduced by Robert Rauschenberg, but surely am blurring the boundaries between painting and other practices on a new, 21st-century level. For example, I use myself as a ready-made in my series of Live Combines, where I attach myself to my own paintings physically.

My work features my own personal experiences and feelings. I use a lot of colour in most of my pieces due to the way I express myself, and also because I have synaesthesia. The latter condition allows me to ‘see’ any experiences, numbers, words, music, smells, etc in colour and associate them to shapes/images.

I am very present in my work, both physically and mentally. I enjoy creating raw, synthetic ‘deliciousness’ by clashing materials of high and low cultures together. I use humble materials for it, such as wood, foil, paper, cheap paint and found scraps of things, combining them with glamorous items, such as golden chains, fabrics, ready-made objects, people… It is important to know that aesthetics mean everything to me, and so does the context, in which the work is made/shown in.

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