masks, music, booze, nostalgia, nudity, and icons of modern life by Anna Jensen

Anna Jensen’s psychological landscapes and emotionally complex narratives are a synthesis of classical and abstract figuration. Her body of work is inspired by moments of both trauma and exaltation. It is the fruit of years of rigorous and concerted research conducted in her home of the American South. With immense drive and rare sensitivity, Anna demonstrates the power of an individual to prevail over challenges through creative transfiguration. One instantly relates to her autobiographical revelations, which find a space and setting with masks, music, booze, nostalgia, nudity, and icons of modern life. These elements make her work vivid and piercing. The title of each painting is apt and amusing, often a poetic part of the piece as a whole.

Jensen combines references to art history, pop culture, natural science and personal chronicles to represent the conflicts of life. She states, “Like me, the stories are at once funny and sad. My personality is reflected in my work as I gravitate toward comedy and darkness, charm and indelicacy — a refined nature within moments of extreme mess. I find comfort in reflecting what I witness in life: the most awful tragedies and atrocities surround us while simultaneous majesties of nature and human kindness occur.”

Anna Jensen’s paintings have been featured in many print and online magazines: Juxtapoz, Studio Visit, The Jealous Curator; as well as in exhibitions throughout the US & Europe: New Image Art (Los Angeles), Pink Dog Creative (Asheville), Nouvelle Organon (Paris).

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