Anna Bergold: the abandoned, the unimposing

Anna Bergold is a photographic artist based in Kassel, Germany. She studied political science, German philology and gender studies. But instead of finishing her Masters, she ranged with her camera through the area. Always fascinated by nature and industry equally and that feeling of happiness while being alone, photography started to play a more and more essential role in her life.
Since 2015 Bergold has been studying visual arts with a focus on photography at the School of Art and Design in Kassel, Germany. It always draws her to the fringe, the abandoned, the unimposing. Elements of her work are details, ordinary spaces, brownfields, and urban fragments. Anna is interested in capturing light, colors, structures and the rhythm of seasons. She likes to shoot what she sees in fleeting moments, equally working on different series like the abstract beauty found behind glass panes. Her work has been featured in EYESCAPE MAGAZINE, Splash & Grab, Minimal Zine, NOICE. and Shoot Film UK.
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