ArtMaze Magazine is an independent artist-run and ad-free specialist international print publication dedicated to discovering and promoting experimental and progressive contemporary art, which reflects modern society and its environment, provokes conversation and action; fosters innovation and diversity of mediums which make today’s art scene so intriguing and versatile.

ArtMaze Magazine is published four or five times per year and announces a competition-based curated call for art for each issue every 2-3 months.

ArtMaze print editions offer its readers a continuous art experience without advertisement. Our carefully curated selections of artworks offer an insight to the inspiring progress and success of an extraordinary amount of emerging and mid-career contemporary artists from all over the world who have been applying to our annual competition-based curated calls. Each of our issues contain curated selections of works by our editorial team as well as, on some occasions, by a guest-curator (s), and normally include 30-65 artist features.

Artists are welcome to submit works in any visual medium which can be showcased in print format: painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, photography, textile, installation, digital, film, performance, any form of mixed media etc.

Artists or any art organisations on behalf of artists from all countries are welcome to submit.

We do not outline any specific themes for each of our opportunities—this helps us maintain a broad spectrum of submission material which we find fruitful in order to find as many inspiring works as possible which haven’t had enough spotlight and need exposure.

You can check out the details of our current competition-based call for art (publishing opportunity) and submit your work here. Please note, submissions for the publishing opportunities in print editions require an essential non-refundable fee due to the substantial admin and processing work involved. 

Physical copies of ArtMaze Magazine are distributed worldwide through our online store. For more details and online subscriptions click here.

All issues of ArtMaze Magazine are stored in the UK in the British Library (London), Bodleian Library (Oxford University), Cambridge University Library, National Library of Scotland, National Library of Wales and Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland).

Although ArtMaze Magazine can be seen as a periodical publication, the quality of its production often reminds our readers as of an ‘art book’. We pay our highest attention to detail when it comes to the production of each issue to ensure the best print quality which would provide a delightful reading and visual experience.

We are incredibly proud to have built such an impressive and supportive community since ArtMaze Magazine was officially founded in October 2016. The history of ArtMaze prior to becoming an official publication named ArtMaze Magazine in 2016, and what led for the project to become what it is now – has been long running before, its real inception started back in 2013 as a differently named project working in a similar way as ArtMaze Magazine now, as well as being simply a blog about contemporary emerging artists.

We are very thankful to our readers and followers for their support and interest in what we do and we hope to continue to inspire and grow our audience in the coming years.

You can check out our published editions here.

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Editor-in-Chief & Founder
Masha Zemtsova

Guest Curators we worked with:

Paola Oxoa, founder and director of Mother Gallery, New York
Karen Hesse Flatow, founder and curator of Hesse Flatow gallery and residency program (previously Crush Curatorial), New York
Sophie Sofer
, director of The Fores Project and, Brooke Wilson, residency curator and coordinator at The Fores Project, London
Danny Lamb
, founder of exhibition based platform @painterspaintingpaintings and ADZ gallery, based in Lisbon, Portugal
Harper Levine
, founder of Harper’s (, New York
Julie Curtiss
, artist
Fabiola Alondra and Jane Harmon, founders of Fortnight Institute, NYC
Cassie Beadle
, curator, and Victoria Williams, director of Cob Gallery, London
Zoe Fisher,
founder and curator at @zoefisherprojects and co-owner and director of Fisher Parrish Gallery, NYC
Projet Pangée
Gallery: Julie Côté
, founder and head curator; Sophie Latouche and Michelle Bui, gallery associates and curators; Montreal, Canada
Nora Cristea and Saskia Höfler-Hohengarten
, head curators and directors of contemporary art blog KubaParis, based in Berlin, Germany
Matthew F Fisher, artist and independent curator
Scott Ogden, founder and curator of Shrine Gallery, NYC
Brigitte Mulholland, curator, director of Anton Kern Gallery, NYC
Charlie Roberts, artist and co-founder of 0-0 LA Gallery and traveling show Got It For Cheap (GIFC)
Chris Sharp, writer and independent curator based in Mexico City, co-founder of Lulu
Tristian Koenig, Melbourne-based gallerist
Anna Gram Sørensen and Kerry Harm Nielsen, directors and head curators of Gallerie Kant, Copenhagen, Denmark
Kim Savage, founder and director of FOLD Gallery, London
Sara Maria Salamone and Tyler Lafreniere, founders and head curators of Mrs. Gallery, NYC
Benjamin Sutton, independent curator, art critic, news editor at Hyperallergic, NYC
Kristian Day, independent curator and gallerist, London
Jacob Rhodes, head curator and co-founder, Field Projects, NYC
Kristin Hjellegjerde, head curator and founder, Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, London

ArtMaze Magazine is printed in the UK, London, four or five times a year by Park Communications Ltd.

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