A garland of associations, family stories, and unfortunate coincidences in the work of Siggi Sekira

Siggi Sekira

Lives and works in Vienna, Austria



AMM: What inspired you to be an artist? When did you begin expressing yourself through creative avenues?

As I was a dyslexic child, drawing became an ideal form of expression for me. Perhaps, seeing my mother draw mythological creatures for me inspired me in some way. However, I came back to the idea of becoming an artist and committing myself to art quite late at the age of 27.

AMM: Tell us about your artistic journey: where did you receive an art education, or are you self-taught or currently studying?

I was born in Odessa, Ukraine and am currently based in Vienna Austria, where I pursue my MFA.

AMM: What ideas are you currently exploring in your work?

I draw from a variety of sources from Slavic mythology to 1900s Wiener Werkstätte, the Soviet avant-garde, and the influx of the Western pop-culture after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Each drawing is a garland of associations, family stories, and unfortunate coincidences. Together, they create a new narrative and an alternative, macabre, memory of my life events.

AMM: Which mediums do you use in your work, and what appeals to you about them?

I have been creating very particular, narrative heavy coloured pencil drawings since 2015. Furthermore, I make ceramic sculptures. Both mediums help each other to develop in interesting ways.

My drawing practice is very time consuming and labour intensive. It helps me to calm down my daily anxiety as I slowly come closer to the finished results.

AMM: What’s next for you? Feel free to share any of your future plans such as exhibitions, travels, residencies, collaborations or any other interesting information relating to your art career.

Perhaps, one of my favourite group exhibitions was Fever Dream at Gianni Manhattan in Vienna. The exhibition was inspired by Clarice Lispector and Samantha Schweblin’s works “Fever Dream”. As I’m heavily inspired by literature and narrative work, the exhibition’s aspiration really spoke to me.

My work has been featured on various blogs like ArtViewer, KubaParis, Tzvetnik, Daily Lazy, ArtMirror, Journal, OFluxo etc.

Some of my planned exhibitions became postponed due to the coronavirus. Like a solo show in the project space in Germany. At the moment all I can plan and further pursue is my daily studio work and development of my ongoing projects.

AMM: Are you inspired by the work of your peers or anyone else in particular?

There are many and they always change! Maybe some of the most interesting artists for me currently are Candice Lin and Kiki Smith who work with various mediums and always find interesting ways to approach them.

AMM: Can you share any fun facts about you or something that you like to do apart from making art?

I like reading whenever I find free time from making art.


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