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Currently a major part of our content is built upon fascinating interviews with professional and emerging artists/makers/designers whose artistic careers are successful and flourishing. They are able to share a great piece of advice with our readers or inspire with the story behind their work, the art they produce and the concept they develop. We focus on artists/makers/designers and creative people who are proactive in today’s modern art world, who strive to promote and improve their work, are open for opportunities and collaborations, who work hard every day, whose concepts are strong and visuals are engaging. Among artists/makers/designers, we also interview curators, art professionals and gallery directors. Asking important, interesting and sometimes funny questions is an exciting and enjoyable way to learn things and gain knowledge from others. It makes us feel involved in a big dialogue within the art community and have a conversation about all the things that matter to us – artists, makers, designers, curators etc.

We encourage writers to send us articles, reviews or any interesting short stories/interviews about today’s contemporary art for consideration for online and print publications. We are not focusing on creative writing.

Can you speak about art trends or the most celebrated artists in the world today? Problems which creative people face or successes they achieve? Perhaps you might be good at writing reviews of main art events and pointing out highlights of popular art shows?
Are you passionate enough to research deeper in order to give creative people answers on the most intricate questions? Can you be inventive and playful not only with the titles of your articles but with the whole idea they deliver? – If the answer is yes to any or all of these then we’d love to talk to you!

We strive to show art that is vibrant, fresh, inspiring, contemporary… which speaks directly to the viewer when looking at it and provokes emotions or makes us speak about it and show it to others.
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As already mentioned on our ‘about’ page – we are inspired by the international factor. Although we are based in London, it doesn’t mean that we want to showcase only the London art scene, which of course has a lot to offer. We want to reflect the diversity of today’s art world and keep up with all the latest art news and art events in the whole world!

Before submitting an article, review or interview you are very welcome to ask our advice about certain topics.