On the cover:

Howard Fonda, ‘Untitled’, oil and colored pencil on canvas, 48 x 36 inches

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Below is the full list of finalists to be published in the Spring Edition, Issue 7 of ArtMaze Mag. Our list consists of two selections: curated and editorial. 

CURATED SELECTION by Benjamin Sutton, independent curator, art critic and news editor at Hyperallergic.

Annie Hémond Hotte
Bradley Biancardi
Brandon Lipchik
Catalina Viejo Lopez de Roda
Danni O’Brien
Erik Nieminen
Esteban Ocampo-Giraldo
Grace Fechner
Guimi You
Isaac Mann
Ivana de Vivanco
Jacqueline Surdell
Joeun Aatchim
Jon Duff
Karina Yanes
Katia Lyubavskaya
Katie Barrie
Kevin Solis
Lina Puerta
Liz Moore
Paloma Jimenez
Roger Allan Cleaves
Sedrick Chisom
Sessa Englund
Sierra Montoya Barela
Tim Magenta
Xiuching Tsay

EDITORIAL SELECTION BY ARTMAZE* (curated by the editorial team of ArtMaze Mag)
*Please note, Editorial and Curated selections are judged separately. 

Aks Misyuta
Anthony Palocci Jr
Austin Moule
Beverly Acha
Bruno Di Lecce
Catherine Haggarty
Dustin London
Elisa Carutti
Igor Moritz
Jamie Romanet
Jessica Williams
Karolina Ptaszkowska
Lauryn Welch
Loren Burke
Maja Ruznic
Matt Kleberg
Maïa Régis
Minhye Choi
Philip Gerald
Timothy Hoyt
Will Hutnick