Signe Pierce

Signe Pierce is an American multimedia artist and performer. Her work spans performance, photography, video art, art direction, GIFs, and web-based art. Her aesthetic frequently takes inspiration from femininity, excess, alterity, perversion, self-mediation and distortion.

“To anybody, not just girls, who have ever said to themselves, “Is this ever gonna happen? I’m so sick of working at this café; I’m so sick of this 9 to 5,” I’d like to remind them that anything you’re putting your productive energy into has the potential to unlock valuable skills that you can apply towards your craft.  I worked at a café for three years in high school and it taught me to put love and care into everything I was making.  I worked for a wedding photographer after college, color-correcting thousands of images every day for two years.  That work felt so far removed from what I wanted my life to look like, but those hours spent analyzing color in wedding photography is what helped me sharpen my eye for color perception, which is now an invaluable aspect of my art.  It’s so important to find jobs that are even a little bit related to what you’re working towards.

One of my mantras when I was struggling was “ignore the noise; hard work pays off.” 24/7 we have a constant stream of other people’s lives on our radar and it’s easy to get distracted and jealous, watching other people thrive and have their moment. It is so easy to fall into the scroll-hole. If you’re feeling disenchanted and nervous, put the goddamn phone down, go for a walk, clear your head, and ignore the noise. Work hard. Don’t party every night. Eventually if you really want it you have to go get it—it’s not just going to come to you. Tapping into your mind and your goals and really envisioning what you would like your life to look like, the practice of that visualization can help you actualize it.” – Signe Pierce (Signe Pierce is the Fresh Face of the Cyberfeminist Art Scene: BUST Interview)

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