Marie-Pier Meilleur creates magical aesthetic scenes through the medium of photography

“I started university as a student in social work. After two years of studies, I decided to go into cinema. From that moment, I discovered an immense passion for all the aesthetic side (framing, colors, lights). That is why, I made the decision to signed up in a private film school in a program called : direction of photography. After this program, I watched hundreds of movies, I read many books and articles to learn how to master the camera perfectly, but also to develop my aesthetics. I spent two years practicing alone in my apartment. It was only last year that I finally felt ready to set up my personal project. Since that time, I devote the vast majority of my time to visual art. In the last year, I had the chance to see my work traveling to France, Mexico, Australia and Czech republic. I also had the chance to make over fifteen expositions in my natal city, Montreal.” – Marie-Pier Meilleur

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