Raising awareness of the lives of endangered animals through the work of Carley Cornelissen 


Carley Cornelissen was born in 1981 in Traralgon, Victoria and lived there until the end of high school. She then moved to Melbourne to study fine arts, majoring in painting, at RMIT. After completion of her degree and extensive travel she moved to the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, where she currently works out of a studio in Diamond Valley.

Since moving to Queensland Carley has participated in group shows with Retrospect Galleries here in Australia as well as Stockholm, London, Hamburg, Brussels, Milan, Toronto, Hong Kong and Singapore. In May 2013 she was Retrospect Galleries’ artist of the month. Some of the competitions Carley has been a finalist in include the Sunshine Coast Art Prize 2014, the Noosa Art Award 2014 and the Gold Coast Art Prize 2015.

When creating my pieces I seek to raise awareness of the independent lives of endangered animals and birds. I start with research and images of the particular species and then assemble my palette. I am inspired by colour combination and patterns that I see in everyday life, in nature, design and fashion. I favour bright, contemporary colours and experimental techniques, including transfers and stencils. My process is playing with patterns, colour and negative space to see what emerges and take risks, do something I haven’t done before. I experiment with each new painting and that leads me into new ways of thinking about what a painting is and can be.

Find out more about the artist: www.carleyart.com.au